About Me

Since having a family, photography has become an addiction (joining tea and biscuits) – it’s my creative outlet allowing me to freeze time, preserving childhood memories and our journey as a family.

My photography is inspired by everyday moments – playtime, outdoor adventures, tickles and shoulder carries from Daddy. And all the little details like their hands and feet, my daughter’s wild hair and toothless smile. These are the things I want to remember in years to come.

Scroll through the image gallery below to see some of my own family favourites (all photos taken by me).


About You

You’re looking for meaningful photographs of your family – photos that represent your family honestly.

You want to cling on to the hazy newborn days and the overwhelming love you feel for your baby.

You’ve looked through my work and you can picture yourself running free with your kids outside and playing silly games with them.

If you’re looking for more traditional portraits (like nursery/school photos) or posed newborn shots, then sadly I’m not the right fit for you. I won’t be putting your newborn into a bucket or asking you to say cheese at the camera. That’s not my style.

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