Birth Photography

The Greatest & Most Powerful Story


“Birth is a rite of passage of women. Their journey should be honored, their rights should be fiercely protected, and their stories should be shared.” – Marcie Macari

Birth photography sadly wasn’t a thing when I had my babies (now 8 & 6), or if it was it wasn’t something I ever considered. But how I wish I did.

You deserve to have a memory of the first time you hold your baby and all the incredible moments of connection, strength, and vulnerability leading up to that point.

You’ve spent months, some of you even years, planning and preparing for the arrival of your little one. It’s all you’ve dreamt about, but the reality is you probably won’t remember much about the birth of your child.

Photography will give you these beautiful (yes beautiful) memories and capture things you didn’t notice or know were happening. The way your partner was holding your hand, whispering words of encouragement in your ear, and your incredible strength – I’ll document all of this for you.

My two births are a complete blur and like most, my partner didn’t think to take any photos. I promise that’s not a dig. I needed him by my side and not behind a camera.

I wish I could see how we worked together as a team, all the emotions, the final push before reaching for my baby and becoming a mother for the first time.

Let’s connect. I’d love to be part of your journey

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How it Works

Birth photography can take place at home, hospital, or midwifery-led unit. For planned and emergency c-sections, unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that I’d be allowed into theatre with you. It’s usually 1-person only and your birth partner is more crucial at this point. I will however be there before and immediately afterward.

Before the birth, you’ll complete a detailed (seriously detailed) questionnaire. This puts you in full control of the story you’d like me to document and the things you’d like (and not like) me to capture. It’s not all about the crowning shot unless you want it to be.

We’ll also meet in person and have a couple of consultations to talk about your birth plan and generally discuss all things baby-related, or just have a good chat and eat cake.


Your Birth Story


Package Includes

–  Pre-booking consultation. Let’s connect and make sure we’re a good fit. I’m going to be a big part of your journey so it’s vital that we click.
– Birth questionnaire – this will prompt you to think about the story you’d like me to document.
–  1st in-person consultation with you and your birth partner. This is an opportunity to go through your questionnaire and ask questions.

– 2nd consultation (in-person or online) at 34 weeks to go through your birth plan and catch up on your pregnancy.
– 24/7 on-call cover from 37 weeks pregnant.
– Your photoshoot from active labour (approx 5cm dilated) right through to the first couple of hours after birth.
– All high-resolution digital images delivered via your private online gallery.
– Stylish 10″ x 10″ photo album (10 spreads). This is the most beautiful keepsake.


A £300 deposit is due after your first consultation to secure your birth photoshoot.
The remaining £900 is due by 37 weeks pregnant.