Newborn & Baby Photography:

Capturing those first precious moments in-home

The hazy newborn and baby days are so fleeting. Let’s hit pause and preserve these tiny little moments into beautiful images that will give you a lifetime of memories.
These photo shoots are cosy and intimate, and most importantly they’re relaxed.
As a lifestyle photographer, I will direct you (not pose you) to create genuine images inspired by your love and connection as a new family. I won’t be putting your baby into a bucket – that’s not my style
If the light allows, I love to work in your master bedroom, living room and nursery. I will shoot anywhere and everywhere with good light, even a little nook in your kitchen or hallway.
For newborns, I recommend booking your photo shoot within the first 2 weeks. This is when you’ll get the true newborn squishiness. They don’t stay small for long.