In-Home Family Photography:

Home is where the heart is

I’m so passionate about capturing you in your own home.
You’ll be relaxed, cosy, and surrounded by the people and things you love most. That is all that matters.
Let the kids pile into your bed and tickle them until their sides ache. Lounge on your sofa and snuggle together under a blanket and read stories in your favourite armchair.
When I arrive at your home, I’ll ask you (or your little ones) to show me around. I’ll be looking for rooms, corners and hallways that offer the best light. Your living room and master bedroom are some of my favourite spots, but I will shoot anywhere with good light.
You do not need a Pinterest perfect home – that isn’t a reality for most of us with small children. I’m not photographing your home, I’m using it as a backdrop for your family photos.
Your home is where we’ll create moments that really matter. You may not realise the significance of this – but you will in 10 years time when you’re looking back and wondering where the years went.